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Tube-Firing Indirect Air Heater

Especially best "for Package Air Supply Unit"

Zero "CO", Zero "CO2", Zero "NO2"

High energy efficiency ; Up to 85%

Exceptional Low Price

To protect factory worker's health, combustion products (CO, CO2, NO2, Aldehyde) from  direct gas fired "Packaged Air Supply Unit" (ASU) have been regulated by a law to meet stringent standard in most of country.

One of combustion product CO is especially very toxic named as silent killer.

In case of in-complete combustion of burner, CO, NO2, and Aldehyde will be increased and they will hurt factory worker's health. 
If not enough fresh air from outside is introduced to ASU, CO2 will be increased in the workshop and it makes difficult to breath and makes eye pricking for factrory workers.

Necessity of "Indirect Air Heater" for ASU

"Indirect Air Heater" vent out combustion products to outside of building and there is no  chance of harmful or toxic gas flow into workshop in the factory. 
This means "Zero" of harmful combustion products (CO, CO2, NO2, Aldehyde) and it is the  necessity of "Indirect Air Heater" for ASU. 
"Indirect Air Heater" will definitely protect factory worker's health.

Although we have agreed that ASU equipped with "Indirect Air Heater" is good for worker's  health, indirect type of ASU have been used only for limited building such as gymnasium  because of expensive "Indirect Air Heater"


Energy Saving of "Indirect Air Heater" for ASU

The ASU equipped with "Indirect Air Heater" heat 20% (about) of fresh air from outside, while gas direct fired ASU have to heat much fresh air (about 50% in general) from outside  to exchange workshop air which contains combustion products. Gas energy saving by ASU which equipped with "Indirect Air Heater" is depending on operating condition, however energy saving up to 45% can be estimated even though the energy efficiency of "Tube-Firing indirect Air Heater" is 85%.

SEESCO "Tube-Firing Indirect Air Heater"

SEESCO manufacture and supply very cheap "Indirect Air Heater" for package ASU with utilizing advanced burner technology.

Unlikely to other indirect gas fired heat exchanger, SEESCO "Tube-Firing Indirect Air Heater" do not have separate combustion chamber and combustion heat by burner pass through single line tube while creating high turburant flow in the tube. 
As the result, "Tube-Firing Indirect Air Heater" is very simple and the energy efficiency is very high up to 85%. 
The most advangage of SEESCO "Tube-Firing Indirect Air Heater" will be low price. 
Pay back is possible in very short period because of its exceptional low price.


* Especially best for "Packaged ASU " for workshop. 
      Good for also Fresh Air Heater.     

* Manufactured by SEESCO under high standard quality.     

* Low price than any other indirct fired heat exchanger.     

* Proven performance (Power capacity & Energy efficiency) through by live fire test.      

* Longer life with using high scheduled stainless steel tube.     

* Special fin on the tube surface makes faster heat transfer and increase thermal efficiency.     

* Equipment is delivered to customer after live fire test at SEESCO shop.     

* Save installation expenses and save start up period at site. 


Concept of "Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater"

Custom engineering tube lay out according to air volume and section space of ASU.
Profile plate at around the tube is required for faster heat transfer and its dimensional information will be provided by SEESCO.

Specification of "Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater"


* Capacity ; Up to 800 KW (690,000 Kcal/Hr) Consult SEESCO for other capacity.      

* Model (KW) ; TF-INDI-XXX (XXX ; Capacity required by customer)     

* Energy efficiency ; Up to 85% (20 Deg. C Inlet temperature)     

* MAXON "Tube-O-Therm" burner     

* Packaged combustion air blower with burner     

* Fuel Gas ; Natural Gas, Propane, Butane     

* Proportional control      

* Turn Down Ratio ; Up to 10 ; 1     

* Profile plate differential pressure (DP) ; 2.5~3.0 mBar     

* Gas combustion safety to meet NFPA 86, EN 746 and local regulation.     

* Communication Interface (OPTION) with customer's main control panel (DCS).      

* Hazardous area application (OPTION)     

* Low NOx Burner (OPTION)

SEESCO is operating demonstration unit of "Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater" at SEESCO shop  for customer to verify performance and energy efficiency.

500KW "Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater"

"Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater"

Performance Test of "Tube Firing Indirect Air Heater"

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